A Journey Through Park Krajobrazowy Orlich Gniazd: Kraków to Częstochowa
Park Krajobrazowy Orlich Gniazd

A Journey Through Park Krajobrazowy Orlich Gniazd: Kraków to Częstochowa

Embarking on a road trip from Kraków to Częstochowa, I discovered a hidden gem nestled along the way: Park Krajobrazowy Orlich Gniazd.

This breathtaking landscape park, home to medieval castles and stunning natural beauty, turned my ordinary journey into an extraordinary adventure.

As I left the bustling city of Kraków behind:

Krakow Rynek (Main Square) in the night

the anticipation of exploring Park Krajobrazowy Orlich Gniazd grew with each passing kilometer.


Upon entering the park, I was immediately captivated by its rugged limestone cliffs and dense forests. The first castle on my itinerary was Olsztyn Castle, perched atop a hill, commanding a majestic view of the surrounding landscape.

Walking through its ruins, I couldn't help but imagine the grandeur that once graced these ancient walls.

Finding a place to eat - Podzamcze

It was early days of spring, during my road trip from Kraków to Częstochowa, I found myself yearning for a place to recharge and refuel.

In the picturesque village of Podzamcze, I stumbled upon a delightful dinner spot that offered not only a reprieve from the journey but also an opportunity to immerse myself in the charm of the season.

This was my view in the bar - I can still feel the relaxing fireplace sound

Seated at a table near a large window, I marveled at the view that unfolded before me. The rolling hills, adorned with the blossoms of spring, stretched into the distance, creating a tranquil backdrop for my evening. It was a feast for the eyes, a visual symphony that complemented the culinary delights to come.

From the medieval castles perched on limestone cliffs to the tranquil forests and meandering rivers, this journey through Park Krajobrazowy Orlich Gniazd was a testament to Poland's rich heritage and natural beauty. It reminded me of the power of exploration and the joy of discovering hidden treasures along the way.

The Bledow Desert

Located in the Silesian Voivodeship, Błędów Desert is an anomaly in Poland, known as Europe's largest sand accumulation outside of coastal areas. As I drove through the surrounding farmland, the sight of vast sandy plains stretching endlessly before me was a surreal experience.

My bike touching the Bledow Desert's sand.

As I wandered deeper into the desert, I discovered the remnants of a bygone era. Błędów Desert had once been a bustling mining area, where sand was extracted for construction purposes. The abandoned machinery and infrastructure served as silent reminders of the region's industrial past, adding another layer of intrigue to the landscape