How much I need for Bike Packing?

It’s not (All) about The Money

First time I decided to go for a solo trip was in a few gap months between jobs.

Colleagues did not believe when I said I am leaving, but I dont have any other offer yet.

This is quite interesting if you stop and think about it. How is it possible that we are able to generate more than ever and we are somehow tying ourselfs to full time jobs for life?

Dont get me wrong, this is far from being a critic to…

Are we doing just fine with the current Status Quo? When was the last time you stopped and thought about your core values, what it is really important for you?

Are you really sure that the latest newsletter from your favourite plane company telling you that you deserve some (very expensive) holidays is not harming you? Do you really need to upgrade your current phone from last year version to this one?

If you havent come across this concepts - keep them handy: Diminishing Returns and Ego - The need to impress others, probably buying things that you dont need ‘Fight Club Chuck Palahniuk, anyone?‘

What Avoid

Try to Avoid be this Bull

Shortly, try to avoid being this bull

Let me introduce you to the Temporal Preferences.

Temporal preferences are the reason why we are not able to save money, why we are not able to lose weight, why we are not able to learn a new language, why we are not able to learn a new skill.

They are also the reason why we are not able to go for a bike packing trip when you get terrified of the idea of climbing hills.

They are also the reason why some person chose to buy one small bottle at a time, despite being more expensive than buy just one big bottle (not pro/against alcohol here)

Also, you might see many small shops in your neighbourhood, that are more expensive than the big supermarket. Why do they exist? Because they are convenient.

They are close to you, and you dont need to plan ahead - you want something and you want it now. Again, the now act as a gravitational force that pulls your decisions to the present.

If you dont think this have deeper consequences, you are living a lie.

Private Property…of the work?

AI will take my job?

Is there such a thing as my job? does it resonates with progress?

When humanity steped up from using its time to gather food, thanks to the increase in productivity, most of us dont need to use our time to generate food for us not for others and we can focus on other ways to give value to others

What would have happened if at that moment people said: this is my job?

Actually…trying to keep the status quo is what most monarchies were trying to do at the time.

Now again, do you embrace progress? or status quo?

Priviledges: the only way I could win Michael Pelphs

What would be the point to be the best swimmer, of I am the one who put the rules to the competition?

I am not the faster swimmer in the world. Guess would it is the only way I can earn a gold medal - Tying rest of the participants hands

Again, does that sounds fair? does it sounds as we will actually achieve or get better at something?

Change is the only constant, and we are afraid of the changes

This is the reason why your colleagues did not believe me and the reason why your friends will tell you that you are crazy to even think in such adventure.

Its all about the Mindset

All of this sounds trully impossible when I was living in Seville.

I was rise to live a normal life (a regular XXI century life in Spain) - Study, go to college, be a good employee, have your few weeks of holidays a year and just dream about how different it could be.

Because some people makes it different, but I am not one of those…or wait, am I not?


Sevilla - The start of my Journey

Uncover Seville's charm & picturesque surroundings by bike. Explore historic landmarks, pedal through sunflower fields, and embrace the joy of the open road. Join our adventure for unforgettable memories.

Adventure 21-03-2021

About Resilience

Does it sounds more resilient to go all of us down the same path?

The budget of my Bike Packing Trips

Enough talking about the mindset, lets talk about the money.

How much is it going to cost me such a journey?

WhatHow MuchWhy
A bike100 $Diminishing Returns
Bike accesories30$Buy once, keep long time
Food Daily20 $Check cost of living
Sleep0-40 $Tent / Check cost of living