Cycling in the country of bikes: Netherlands

Adventure 25-05-2021

Cycling around Amsterdam

Lined with elegant, gabled houses and crossed by numerous bridges, the canals integrate seamlessly into the daily life of the city.

Wawsaw to Lodz by Bike
Amsterdam Channel View

This network also enhances Amsterdam’s charm, offering unique views and a quiet escape from the bustling city streets, making it a beloved feature for both residents and visitors.

Wawsaw to Lodz by Bike
Exploring Amsterdam by bike

And if you keep exploring during the afternoon in Amsterdam, this is what you can find:

Wawsaw to Lodz by Bike
Amsterdam during the afternoon

And if you are wondering, during the evening Amsterdam is even more beautiful:

Wawsaw to Lodz by Bike
Exploring Amsterdam during the evening

Cycling Between Cities in NL

Netherlands is a great country for cycling, but not only in its cities.

You can easily find this kind of cycle paths integrated next to channels:

Wawsaw to Lodz by Bike
Bike Path between Warsaw and Lodz

Oh, and you will need one of these, but they are for rent in every city:

Wawsaw to Lodz by Bike
The companion of this trip

Probably one of the most chilled trips I ever had:

Wawsaw to Lodz by Bike
Bike, Water, Path - Lets go!
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