Discovering Pays de la Loire - BikePacking in France

Adventure 20-06-2023

Pays de la Loire

Nestled in western France, this enchanting area offers cyclists an array of scenic routes that meander through lush vineyards, alongside majestic rivers, and past historic châteaux.

If you are already wondering…

The French Country side generally looks like this:

Exploring Pays de la Lore by Bike
French Country Side during summer

Discover the rustic charm of rural France through bikepacking.

This unique travel method allows you to explore the less-trodden paths and the hidden gems of the French countryside

Exploring Pays de la Lore by Bike
Cycling Paths along Rural France

Rural France BikePacking

One of my favourite aspects of the French small towns was their silence:

Exploring Pays de la Lore by Bike
Rural Franch town by Bike

But that silence quickly dissapears when one of this one gets into action:

Exploring Pays de la Lore by Bike
French Architecture at its best

Natural Parch ‘du Perche’

This charming natural park is a haven of deep forests, rolling hills, and historic manors, encapsulating the essence of rural French beauty.

As you wander through its picturesque landscapes, you’ll encounter ancient woodlands, traditional Percheron horse farms, and beautifully preserved medieval villages.

Château des comtes du Perche by Bike
Château des comtes du Perche

But the history around this area goes a little bit back in time:

Dolmen de la Pierre Couverte by Bike
Dolmen de la Pierre Couverte

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