How to do Bike Packing?

Process (vs) Result - or Why travelling is (should) not about the pictures

Pictures are just events.

Travelling is about the journey, the process - what you have learnt.

Events can teach us too, but which ones you think show the most, the good ones or the bad ones?

The attention capitalism have made us believe that it is all about consumption of moments - But tell me, how many times you had to fake a smile to be as you were expected to in a photo?

In movies, we are bombarded with heroes, which normally are getting some super power at some event.

Let me break this - Marco Polo did not get to China in one event. Going to the moon was not an event. Finishing the studies that you want is not an event.

And making the trip that you ever dreamt about, is definitely NOT an event.

The Reason I Deleted Instagram

I had an associated Instagram account for Cycling There, but not anymore. Why?

Because I don’t think that the platform provides the optimal environment to tell stories properly, but to get bombarded with whatever is trending next. And before you are starting to taste something, then, the new new comes to your view.

I want to be able to tell stories, and I want to be able to tell them in a way that I can control.

Also from you, the reader perspective. You know what to expect when you come here.

You know that you will find a story, and not just a picture that will fade away shortly after.

Also, because I think that being able to retain attention in one thing for more than just seconds is a skill that we are losing.

Let’s get it back, together. Start by reading such articles, take back the habit of reading some book (no phone allowed in the room).

Is not year 2000 anymore and having a blog like this one does not require special tech skills (neither will cost you a lot)