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Poland-by-Bike 07-04-2024

Exploring Lublin

This year, the cycling season began with a captivating visit to Lublin, an intriguing city known for its vibrant history and cultural depth.

Similar to the charm of Wrocław, Lublin boasts an array of small, whimsical statues scattered throughout the city.

Exploring Lublin by Bike
Say hi to Kazik

Each statue tells a story, adding a layer of enchantment and discovery as I navigated the cobblestone streets.

This picturesque start to my journey not only rekindled my love for bike packing but also set a whimsical tone for the adventures ahead.

Majdanek in Lublin

Maidanek Lublin by Bike
Majdanek, Lublin - A mandatory stop to reflect on the past

Exploring Lubelskie with Bycicle

The Route Through the Forest

The trail from Lublin towards the Vistula river meandered into a lush forest, presenting a serene yet challenging route filled with rolling hills.

The freshness of the new season was palpable in the air, with each pedal stroke pushing me deeper into the heart of nature.

The forest canopy offered a sporadic glimpse of the sky, while the sounds of rustling leaves and distant wildlife accompanied my journey.

Wawoz lublin routes by Bike
Lubelskie has a lot of Wawoz (Ravine) like this one

This part of the route, with its natural obstacles and scenic beauty, was both a test and a treat, providing a perfect blend of thrill and tranquility.

The night caught us, and not only. A flat tyre as well.

But we made it to the destination and this was waiting for us:

Resting after bikepacking
FirePlace in Lubelskie

We woke up next day early morning (hour change included) - And fix it after a while:

Bikepacking - Fixing Tire
Fixing the tire

Kazimierz Dolny and the Vistula

Arriving in Kazimierz Dolny was a highlight of the trip, marking a significant shift from the secluded forest paths to the expansive views along the Vistula River.

This charming town is celebrated for its artistic flair and stunning riverside setting, offering panoramic views of the Vistula that captivate and inspire.

Exploring Kazimierz by bike
Kazimierz and the Vistula - Good luck to get the bike up here!

As we cycled along the riverbanks, the gentle flow of the Vistula provided a soothing rhythm to the end of a day’s ride.

The picturesque landscapes and vibrant cultural scene of Kazimierz Dolny made it a memorable stop on my cycling tour, embodying the spirit of bike packing in Poland.

The best thing about travelling by bike in Poland during Easter, is that you will have this kind of views (with no tourists, but you):

Kazimierz Center by bike
Kazimierz central square

And if you are as lucky as we were with the weather, you will get such shots:

Spring in Kazimierz Dolny
Kazimierz during Spring

If you are lucky with the season, you can see this kind of trees blooming along the Vistula, all the way up to Warsaw.

Blooming trees in Kazimierz Dolny
Blooming trees in Kazimierz

And dont miss these 2 spots near Kazimierz:

  1. Wiatrak Mięćmierz
  2. Wąwóz Korzeniowy Dół

But before you arrive, you have a mandatory stop at Puławy - From here you can continue along the Vistula river towards Warsaw or heading towards Radom.

Puławy BikePacking Trip
Exploring Puławy


Before making this bike packing trip in Lubelskie, make sure that you are aware about:

  1. The Route from Lublin To Kazimierz Dolny
  2. The Weather conditions for biking in Lublin

This is the Route we followed from Lublin towards Kazimierz Dolny:

We went during early spring on this bike route to Kazimierz - The weather was chilly, but perfect for a ride already

  • For more details, I have a trick to plan my bikepacking trips.
  • Check weather patterns with this tool
  • How to get with your Bicycle from Warsaw to Lublin

    This time, I started the route directly from Lublin with my friends.

    We used the Polish IC trains to carry our bicycles to the starting point, Lublin.


    How to bring your own bicycle in Polish Trains


    But if you want a one way Bicycle Trip from Warsaw to Lublin, you can always follow the Vistula river path.

    A good starting route will be directing you from Warsaw to Gora Kalwaria, then continuing South:

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