Discovering Tallin by Bike

Tallin and its surroundings. The end of my Baltic Bike Packing Trip.

Baltics-by-Bike 13-08-2023


Cycling Through Estonian Landscapes

A Bike Packing Trip Through Estonia towards Tallin

Baltics-by-Bike 11-08-2023


Cycling Across Latvia - A Bikepacking Adventure

Latvia, in the heart of the Baltics, unfolds a captivating canvas for bikepackers. As you traverse its terrains, you'll be greeted by a blend of untouched nature and cultural landmarks, each narrating tales of the lands rich heritage.

Baltics-by-Bike 05-08-2023


Discovering Vilnius by Bike

Discovering Vilnius with bycicle. The start of my summer journey through the Baltics.

Baltics-by-Bike 30-07-2023


Trakai Castle from Vilna by Bike

A journey to Trakai Castle - A Biking Adventure from Vilnius.

Baltics-by-Bike 29-07-2023